Open Gym & Sparring

Open use of the facility
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Open Gym & Sparing is at it says in the title, the open gym side of the class is for the boxer to come & use the gym equipment, bags, pads etc at thier own leisure & prractise some of thier technique by themselves, there is always a gym instructor in the gym to answer any of your questions & assist if need be.

The Sparing side of the session is for boxers to get into the ring & practise all they have learned & be put through a 'real' bout situation with eachother, all competing boxers must attend these sessions.

Class Trainers

WAyne Morley Boxing & Fitness Instructor

Wayne Morley

Wayne has been teaching boxing & fitness for multiple years to all ages & competes in regular UKBC boxing matches.
  • 36
  • 94kg
  • 5'11'
  • Gym Owner, Hatton Academy Instructor, Main Coach & Trainer
jamie-mckeown boxing instructor

Jamie McKeown

Jamie is a gym instructor & regularly competes in UKBC competitions
  • 27
  • 60kg
  • 5'6'
  • Gym Assistant, Personal Trainer
Justoin Esson Boxing Instructor

Justin Esson

Justin is a gym assistant & instructor
  • 45
  • 95kg
  • 6'2'
  • Gym Assistant, Hatton Academy Instructor

Event Hours(2)

  • Tuesday

    07:00 pm - 09:00 pm

    All Welcome
    Wayne Morley

  • Thursday

    07:00 pm - 09:00 pm

    All Welcome
    Wayne Morley


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